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Atika Plato Hoosen

About the Artist


Atika Plato Hoosen

Art Teacher Atika Plato Hoosen is an artist inspired by the rich legacy of traditional Islamic Art. She is actively involved in promoting Islamic Art at both community and professional levels in the form of art classes and exhibitions.

She is currently exhibiting at the Iziko Bo Kaap Museum and the Mariam Parker Islamic Art Gallery. She previously held art classes at Islamia College, Heathfield Madrassa & JEQ.

Atika is a member of the Arabic Calligraphers Association South Africa and the South African Foundation for Islamic Art.

Many of her artworks are inspired by the beautiful verses of the Holy Quran. Her art is a means of spiritual expression and upliftment. She draws her inspiration from the following Hadeeth: “Allah is beautiful and Allah loves beauty”-Hadeeth-Sahih Muslim