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Mogammad Suroer Allie

About the Artist

South Africa

Mogammad Suroer Allie

The journey that lead me to creating my own art starts with a 20 year long relationship with advertising. Working across advertising & marketing agencies I’ve always felt that I needed to pursue a deeper purpose other than creating work for clients.

When I was a child, I adored the beautiful Islamic calligraphy in the homes of my friends & family.
Often gazing at the work, I understood they were proud of the pieces hung on walls crafted of embroidery & golden frames – it gave me a sense of belonging.

But, I was young, insecure & felt a sense of intimidation. Scared that I wasn’t as knowledgeable as my friends or their parents. As I would later come to understand. It was part of my journey.
A journey that would lead me to starting “Studioam”, creating my own pieces & sharing my story.

My hope for my work is to radiate optimism and start a conversation. Allow us to talk about it. Starting with the way it makes you feel & lead us to talk about the optimism of Islam.