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Razack Abbas

About the Artist

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Razack Abbas

Razack Abbas is a born-and-bred Capetonian who attended Livingstone High School in Claremont. Imbued with a natural flair for art, he was inspired to constantly enhance his skill, and enter a career which involved art, by his art teacher at school.

After matriculating, Razack worked for a signage company, then as a layout artist for a newspaper, and eventually assisted in his family’s hardware store.

He spent 26 years in Worcester and was in his element while marvelling at the Boland landscape. His admiration for renowned artist, Ria Holiday, made him decide to start painting again.

Razack signed up for a refresher course with Islamic Artist supreme, Achmat Soni, and he has since created the most awe-inspiring artworks. He draws his inspiration mainly from the colours of nature, and his favourite season is Autumn. Being an avid hiker and runner, his leisure time is closely intertwined with his reverence for the beauty created by The Almighty. It is while he is indulging in his sporting activities that he absorbs a multitude of ideas and eventually puts these ideas onto canvas.

He paints when he feels the desire to do so, and never does so on consignment. It is through his generosity that he auctions most of his works for charity.

His favourite artwork is his depiction of Islam’s three holy sites, which he did after performing the Hadj in 2006. This painting is not for sale, but interested parties are welcome to contact him if they would like have it printed on canvas to scale.

Phone: 082 856 0105