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Sabiha Jhetam-Loonat

About the Artist

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Sabiha Jhetam-Loonat

I have always loved art since I was little. During Apartheid times, our schools had almost no facilities to nurture creativity. I tried my hand at a few things like glass painting and decoupage on my own over the years.

I first painted on canvas in 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed myself but I knew I had a lot to learn. After completing a few pieces on my own, I took a course with the legendary Achmat Soni. Over 5 Tuesday mornings I completed my piece “Ar Rahman” and picked up a few new skills.

I then continued my art journey on my own. When time permitted, between life, work and kids, I painted for our home, as well as a few gifts for family and friends. In 2021 I did a “Flow Art” workshop with the wonderful, bubbly Nisa Gaibie.

I paint abstracts and contemporary Islamic abstracts in acrylics and oils and love adding texture to my work. Painting is my happy space, my therapy and it helps me connect to my Creator.

I am currently studying Arabic Calligraphy in the Chinese Style under our honourable teacher Haji Noor Deen and I am striving for Ijaza (Diploma/ Permission to teach) InShaAllah.

I hope that my artworks can fill homes with the same joy and connection to our Creator as I feel when producing them. I have contributed artworks to the “Women of Art for Aid”, Palestine and other charitable causes. Currently, one of my pieces “Unity in Diversity, the South African flag” is on display at the Bokaap museum as part of SAFIA’s exhibition