Safeya Samuels

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Safeya Samuels

My name is Safeya Samuels, nee Achmat Gamja, and I originate fromThe Malay Quarter now known as Bokaap.I am very privileged to form part of a rich history as I am from the 7thgeneration of the Owwal Masjied situated in DorpStreet. My father,Imam Gassan, was the last Imam following his father Imam Achmat’sfootsteps-a lineage that started 300 years ago when Achmat ofBengali was Tuan Guru’s most trusted right-hand man. He neverdeviated from his Amana.So, my passion forart started at an early age by witnessing a diversityof arts and cultures. Today, I am proud to be associated with theSouth African Foundation for Islamic Art as that is where I gainedinspiration to further my passion and my hobby.In earlier years Ienjoyed Arts and Crafts and my embroidery wasexhibited at primary level. However, my focus was more on Fabricpainting.Thereafter I started painting on Canvasses and ventured into oil paintsand although it was a new experience and more expensive, Ithoroughly enjoyed the texture and suddenly my passion and myhobby became serious and I just wanted to explore more and tacklebigger tasks. The Arts have definitely become a major part of my lifebut obviously looking after my spiritual needs first.With Much Love for the Arts


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